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Prometheus Review

From the opening shot the one undeniably stellar aspect of this movie is the cinematography, it is gorgeous. The cg in this movie (minus the final scene) is some of the best I have seen this year. 

Michael Fassbender has the strongest performance of the cast, he is outstanding (as he usually is) as the robot David.  Idris Elba also does a great job in his limited screen time.  The rest of the performances are average, nothing memorable. 

The story and script fumbled their way through the film.  From the excessive cliches, lack of character development and lack of cohesion this is where the movie really fell apart.  The reviews that I read prior to seeing the film noted that it makes the audience question a lot of what they have seen, so my mind went to movies like Inception and Another Earth (most recently) where the final scene makes the audience question the entire movie’s events.  Prometheus was not even close.  When the credits started to roll I just felt uneasy.

Overall: 5/10